A Journey Towards Success: 
PLATINUM  came into existence in 1955 as a retail pharmacy, became the leading whole seller by 1965 progressed towards the leading Distributors in 1976, and distributed for Eight Multinational Companies, continuing the struggle and hard work with devotion,  has excelled to great heights as being the manufacturer of Quality Pharma & Oral Healthcare products.

PLATINUM enjoys an exclusiveness on its Oral Care and Quality Pharma products for quality conscious doctors and is better known for its commitment towards services to  the suffering humanity. Platinum Pharmaceuticals also has the credit of being the pioneers of Oral Healthcare products in Pakistan. 

Service to the suffering Humanity: 
LATINUM volunteered to manufacture and to make available, Thyro (Thyroxine Sodium) and Digox (Digoxin)  two vital LIFE SAVING DRUGS that were unavailable in the market for quite sometime, because of  low profitability for the previous manufacturer. 

Another Step Towards Innovation:
We were first in manufacturing and marketing Seizunil 100 mg suspension & 400mg tablet (Carbamazepine), Reducid 10 mg tablet ( Famotidine), Renata 75mg tablet (Ranitidine HCl) and whole range of Oral Care Products..

Destined To Become:
Platinum Pharmaceuticals has achieved ISO 9002, ISO 14001 & 17025. 

The company is doing a good business and progressing with a consistent pace towards prosperity and with this strategy has set its goals to Cross 1 billion Rupees mark by year 2006.

This plant was built under the supervision of highly qualified and experienced professional having 24 years Multi National Companies Background. The Plant is centrally Air Conditioned and well equipped with Hi - Tech and Ultra modern machineries.


 In Platinum Pharmaceuticals our Laboratory is amongst one of the best Laboratories in Pakistan equipped with highly sophisticated and computerized equipment, coupled with highly qualified & skilled professionals.

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